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At Logo Dynamo, we’re all about the experience. We offer a perfect range of products and services all geared toward expanding your business and creating organizational awareness. It’s about creating an online experience that transforms visitors into followers, customers, and supporters. We do this by listening to you, understanding your target audience, and putting our extensive online knowledge to work on a plan that will improve your business goals and change the way you think about the potential of the internet. We are shifting to mobile first. It’s not just the way of the future. It’s the way of right now.

Thoughtful Designs that Drive Innovation.

Branding isn’t just about design anymore, it’s about supporting and educating your customer while delivering quality experiences and memorable results. Logo Dynamo is here to help you to effectively engage visitors in your products and services, so you can turn them into loyal customers and followers.

Feeling Overwhelmed? We're Here to Save the Day.

Working on your company’s brand can be a huge undertaking. It’s hard work trying to find the time and reliable resources to create a logo or develop a web site. We help you to successfully connect with your audience by making your brand as interesting and informative as it should be.

Our Superpower is Helping You to Discover Yours.

Every business has unique challenges. If a company presents a clean, modern, straightforward and elegant image through branding & design, people tend to transfer those judgments to the business itself. We will help you to discover the best parts about your business and develop a brand around it.

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From Concept to Creation.

We have combined a web & graphic design shop, the most essential promotional tools, along with years of sales & marketing experience to serve all your promotional needs.


Your logo is really just the beginning.

Every company has a story.

When creating a brand for your company it’s important to consider what you bring to it and ultimately how you want to be perceived. This is your brand’s “story.”
Logo Dynamo helps you tell your story.


Fast-loading, mobile-friendly works of art.

A responsive website is no longer just an option, it’s a must have.

We’ll design your website’s front-end templates using responsive-design to adapt and scale to
the latest devices the user is viewing from, while maintaining your existing look and feel and
improving overall performance.


Swag that’s functional, creative, and unique.

Your one-stop shop for promotional products.

With our extensive line of promo products you are sure to find the perfect item. We offer high quality promotional products, fast delivery times, and prices to fit all budgets.


Upgrades, security, migrations, you name it – we'll handle it.

We've got your back.

You can stop worrying about the servers, the hosting, the hackers and your site performance and instead, spend that time running your business.


A comprehensive approach tailored to produce results.

Be laser focused on your customers.

Your customers are the lifeblood of of your business and you need to build your marketing strategy around them. We help you to understand what your customers want and use paid channel marketing to find them.


Our content creation service is designed to keep you as hands off as possible. Just tell us what you need and we'll take care of the rest.

Engage. Educate. Entertain.

We deliver high-quality web content that is simple and concise with diverse writing styles, unique perspectives, and expert subject matter.

Have a project for us? Let's Talk!

Have a project for us? Let's Talk!



Logo Dynamo is a super-savvy team of creative thinkers, technology intellects, and devoted problem solvers.
We strive for best practices and are always looking for ways to improve.

Catherine Fortel

Co-Founder / Managing Partner / Yogi

Danielle Kipp

Lead Designer / Adoring Animal Lover

Karli Lyons

Assistant Designer / Master Jedi

Marian Robinson

Content Strategist / Pug Lover 4-Life

Rachel Smith

Content Writer / Daisy Girl