Logo Dynamo Creates SunSmart Roofing’s New Website

At Logo Dynamo, we’re thrilled to announce our latest project: partnering with SunSmart Roofing to help launch their new website. Their mission is to seamlessly equip homes for solar panels from the outset, blending technical expertise with practical experience. This collaboration signifies a major milestone in our journey to deliver innovative digital solutions that produce real-world results.

The Project

SunSmart Roofing approached us with a clear objective: to establish a strong online presence reflecting their leadership in sustainable roofing solutions. Their aim was to craft a platform not only showcasing their expertise but also engaging visitors interested in solar energy.

"Logo Dynamo is a trusted partner and performs as an effective extension of our internal marketing team. We engaged them recently to build a website from scratch that would reflect our unique characteristics and be engaging to our desired client profile - and they knocked it out of the park! Would definitely recommend."
Richard Smith
SunSmart Roofing

Project Goals

SunSmart Roofing had a goal to create a platform that highlights their expertise but also captivates visitors interested in solar energy. Key objectives included expressing SunSmart Roofing's commitment to sustainability and innovation, offering comprehensive details about their roofing services, and having resources for individuals and businesses interested in solar roofing to easily contact them.

Our Solution

To meet SunSmart Roofing's goals, Logo Dynamo designed a user-friendly website layout that reflects SunSmart Roofing's brand while making navigation easy. Compelling content showcases their expertise and passion for sustainable roofing, with interactive tools for personalized engagement. The website is responsive, which ensures a seamless experience on all devices.


The launch of SunSmart Roofing's new website surpassed expectations, driving increased user engagement and garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback. It effectively showcases their expertise and commitment to sustainability, elevating their brand visibility in the renewable energy sector. Moreover, its responsive design ensures seamless access for users across all devices, solidifying SunSmart Roofing's position as a leader in innovative solar-ready roofing solutions.

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