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The mission of PERC is to help the offender become and remain an ex-offender, reunited with family through advocacy, education, programming, and comprehensive service delivery and referral.

Branding & Website

PERC was looking for a web presence to set the tone for their organization, establishing credibility and reinforcing trust.

Custom Logo Design

We created a logo identity that captures the legitimacy of their organization. We designed their logo as an emblem, with a tree inside symbol inside, which gives it a homecoming look.

Custom Web Design + WordPress

The web site is backed by a customized WordPress CMS and Theme and Donation Plugin.

Project Goals

Helping ex-offenders can be disconcerting. PERC needed a way to humanize the experience and demonstrate that helping this underserved population greatly reduces their likelihood of re-offending. PERC wanted to share compelling success stories of people rising from adverse circumstances in order to motivate donors to support their organization while preserving the dignity of the people they serve.

Our Solution

Implement various calls to action, social media integration, prominent on every page (Donate/Get Involved/Contact), all of which lead to a stand-alone page with the same visual aesthetic with simple instructions and/or donation collection. Create sections for both clients and potential partners using the “separate and communicate” method that helps PERC speak to all their audiences with more targeted and therefore, more effective content.


A simple, clean, visually appealing, and responsive design that appeals to both donors and clients, conveying transparency & authenticity. An aesthetic that demonstrates the quality of an online experience, engages with the greater community, and provides opportunities to contribute beyond money.
“Logo Dynamo’s unique knowledge of marketing, design, and development resulted in an integrated approach to creating and maintaining a website for us over the past 15 years. Catherine gives guidance on topics and issues, while still respecting our organizations knowledge and opinions.”
Rich Alvarez
Dir. Of Workforce Development, PERC

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