Our Process

Our Process


When a potential client calls for a proposal, Logo Dynamo will begin by assessing the request. We review all your key points, and look for any areas where we can suggest ideas to improve your results and deliver the highest quality final product.

Research & Development

Next we tackle a little research. We will check out what your competitors are doing and get some basics on your specific industry and target market. With that we look for marketing trends relevant to that industry and evaluate the effectiveness of previous marketing efforts. We combine this information with client provided customer demographics to identify and pinpoint the target audience.


Then we schedule a meeting to discuss our findings and get the full scope of what you want to see at the end of this process. With this foundation we can begin to shape the project. Armed with this knowledge, we will draft a contract that contains the scope of the project and a schedule/timeline, which will include key dates for your input (artwork, content, etc…). Timeliness of this input will directly affect your outcome, so it is important you keep the schedule handy. When all these issues have been agreed upon by you and your Logo Dynamo designer, we will begin the design.

Design & Approval

There will be stages during the process where your input is crucial to keeping the project moving forward. Although we do quality analysis and check functionality of your site components throughout the process, when we have the site complete we will do a final run through and submit the project for final review. Once you have approved the final product, we will launch your site and you can begin serving YOUR customers!